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Rolling Stone Germany Article - Translation

Rolling Stone Germany Article - Translation
From Rolling Stone Magazine (Germany), massive thank you to nachossj1 & justanotheeeredditor for the help. Very long feature with very interesting stuff about the new Album.
The far in winter. A friend had separated from me. And I had also sold my complete vinyl collection, the 30 volumes of Brockhaus that I had from my parents for my 18th birthday, and the binoculars I had received from my aunt for my 16th birthday in Berlin for drugs. For some time, I no longer spoke to my parents.
I was looking for a job. I googled "Berlin men's line". I thought I could get down for 50 euros. But then I read that the Blue Boy Bar, a hustle and bustle meeting, was having problems with knife sticks. I pulled the Brockhaus into seven parcels on a sled that I found in the basement of my apartment building on Danziger Strasse to the post office through the snow. I sweat. And at the same time I was cold. An antiquarian bookshop in Leverkusen had bought all of my volumes for 1,500 euros. I heard "Is this It" from the Strokes on the headphones of my phone.
I slept with as many people as I had never done before. I stayed with someone else every other day. Sometimes I stole something to eat from the fridges when I snuck out of the strange apartments with a hangover in the morning and broke completely.
And now I'm married. I have two children. We bought a house. And the strokes release a new album. The fact that the strokes exist still feels like news. And then I realized that I had to be washed up. The strokes have been around for 22 years.
The new album is called "The New Abnormal" and was produced by Rick Rubin. The cover is a picture of Jean-Michel Basquiat, an African-American artist who died in New York in 1988 at the age of 27 from a heroin overdose. Basquiat was sponsored by Warhol. Warhol produced The Velvet Undergrond. And the music of the strokes happens right in between. Between the undergroud, the upper class between endless neighbors and valid decisions. Above all, the strokes survived. Albert Hammond Jr., the guitarist, overcame his heroin addiction. Casablancas defeated alcoholism.
You look so fresh now. They wear Hawaiian shirts on the press photos.
That evening you play a concert in the Columbiahalle in Berlin. A surprise concert that was announced just a few days in advance. It was sold out in seconds. And the record label invited some journalists to hear "The New Abnormal" in advance. The whole thing will take place before the concert in the Silverwings Club, the former officers' casino of the U.S. based Berlin. Air Force opposite Columbiahalle, instead.
Chefs roast burgers for the journalists, along with chicken skewer and vegan spring rolls. Beer and white wine are drunk. Old strokes songs are playing in the background. Now "Reptilia".[EDIT 1]
A woman from the record company from Munich announces the new album. The journalists applaud. A technician presses "Play". The first song is called "The Adults Are Talking".
But another strokes song is playing in the background. The journalists and the woman from the record company don't notice that. You toast yourself. I go to the mixer and tell the woman that there is another song running. And she looks at me. And after a short puse, says: "It was just a test to find out if you were listening." She beckons the technician. It makes up the old song. You play "The Adults Are Talking" again from the beginning. [EDIT 2]
It's such an eighties roller disco song. I think of the mall from "Stranger Things". To Miami. On cocaine. On the unshaven armpits of a young woman. I'm thinking of getting away with a stolen Ford Mustang and driving through the night. The guitars play a dü-dü-dü-dü sing-along tune, the drums sound like a spray can, the verse consists of palm-muted chords. And Casablancas sings so shot, with a thin, slightly distorted and shattering voice of the terror of adulthood and the awareness that you can never get out of it. [EDIT 3]
The song "Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus" goes in a similar direction. It sounds like the song "11th Dimension" on Julian Casablancas' first solo album, only a little faster. Like a night at the Arcadium when the vending machine cowboy wants to set a new Pac-Man record.
After the fifth song the music goes out. After each song, the journalists applauded like tourists when the pilot hit the runway in Palma. The woman from the record company plays an old strokes song again. And a radio host dances expressively. [EDIT 4]
She wears black Doc Martens and a top from some band. I had seen this garment on Nina the last time in tenth grade. Nina's breasts were the first ever to be chamfered. That was in the meadow behind the bus station. And she also wore a top like that. Most women I know today wear dresses or blouses or t-shirts or shirts or sweaters. But I haven't seen the top garment, that is, a shirt that fits tightly over the upper body. The radio host's long blond hair flies around the room.
And I give again to the woman from the record company. And say that four songs are still missing. And she says "Oh yes", then she pauses, and then she says "But I'm going to finish the song now because Anja is still dancing." [EDIT 5]
"At the Door", the first single for the new album, was released three days before this evening. The video was made by Mike Burakoff, a guy who made MGMT's "When You Die", "At the Door" is perhaps the most untypical strokes song. It is five minutes and thirty-three seconds long. There are no drums and almost only synthesizer tones. The reef is from the Strokes guitar technician. He had played the band in the rehearsal room. It sounds like chamber music from the future when the universe is on fire. The video is an apocalypstic cartoon in the style of the 80s. Future space Ninka Turtle Heavy Metal, F.A.K.K. (…skip). [EDIT 6: nachossj1 collab]
The concert begins sometime after nine. The Strokes begins with "Heart in a Cage" followed by "You Only Live Once" and the third song they play is "NYCC". Everything is too loud. Exactly right. And the 30- to 40-year-old fans form a moshpit. Those who won, the creative directors, the music managers, the fashion designers are again or still sixteen. They are children who are afraid to die. They are children in adult bodies.
Julian Casablancas wears a kind of Nazi leather coat. Plus chucks. He climbs on the pedestal of drummer Fabrizio Moretti. He´s really called like the Italian beer company. Casablancas spits on Moretti's drums. He pours the red cups with drinks, more by mistake than on purpose. One remains. He drinks from it. In the second pause in the song .. "Automatic Stop" he drops the microphone, misses his use.
He looks at guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., who, like the rest of the band, plays absolutely machine. Albert Hammond Jr laughs, Casablancas laughs, Casablancas makes announcements like: "I thought someone was dead in the first row. Someone dropped his phone". Sometimes he leaves the stage. He often sings to the audience with them jerking. Then he knocks the microphone stand over. Pick it up again. He says: "..in not angry at you mic stand." He looks into the audience and says: "we have a complicated relationship." [EDIT 7: collab w/ justanotheeredditor & nachossj1 & me]
It is this complete refusal of a show which is of course the opposite of that, namely a performative act that makes the strokes so special. This is .. Permanent Vacation, by Jim Jarmusch, this is Lou Reed again.
Next to me, someone is filming the concerts on her cell phone. Almost 50 scars of a woman flash in black light on her left arm. I think of Nadja, who also had these scars everywhere. In a small village in Bavaria. Growing up is hard everywhere. In Berlin, in New York. Nowhere. Paramedics contribute to .. "Take it or Leave it" a woman from the hall. For "Last Nite" Casablancas is in the middle of the audience, he says: "I want you to kick the shit out of me".
The strokes play 15 songs. Only two of them from the new album. "The Adults Are Talking" and "Bad Decisions". The melody of the refrain from "Bad Decisions" is that of Billy Idol's "Dancing with Myself". Idol is even named in the song credits as the author of "Bad Decisions". "Bad Decisions" otherwise kills more like Joy Division.
The sound of the new Strokes album is an almost Afro-futuristic odyssey to Wetall. The band samples and remixes the motifs. Basquiat on the cover, the dystopian future fit in the lyrics, new living spaces in space in the video "The New Abnormal" poses the big questions of our time: Who are we as a postmigration company? What identity do we still have? Where is the ram ship heading for? But the concert remains in the band's past. The dark soul of "The New Abnormal" doesn't come out. In Berlin the strokes 20 year old white garage skirt.
The backstage area of the Columbiahalle. The varlassene kitchen area. A fridge with cola, fanta and Turkish water, a couple of yogurt drinks. A gasher. No cooking marks. Gordon Raphael, the producer of the first two strokes albums, is running ahead of me. One wobbles in a way no longer knows whether it is Gordon Rapahael, Ozzy Osbourne or Slash. Men with long hair, who go wide in old age and still want to be rock types, look equally fluent in gender and personality.
"I am Julian", introduces Julian. We go to a ram for two. Completely dark. A leather sofa and an armchair, with a chair in between. "I want to sit on your lap," says Julian. I think of Lou Reed again. How a journalist once told him where he got his creativity from. And like he said "I masturbate every day". I think Adam Green, who once sat on my lap and offered me ectasy, and how Macaulay Caulkin came in then. And then I think of it as the New York test. This totally polite type of provocation, which is not hollow, but epistemological. Because it doesn't happen because of the provocation, but to find out how the other person reacts. And which is based above all on honesty. Honesty is the greatest provocation. In addition, a good provocation is always a social science attempt to build up knowledge that generates knowledge from the reaction of the provoked opponent.
"Of course you can sit on my lap," I say. And I tell him that I have all my plates for drugs. chewed.
He asks: "Do you miss your records?"
And I say no and that I'm surprised to be sitting here now. Sober. With family and everything. And I ask him if he can do the same. I ask him "Are you surprised who you are now?" And he says: "I mean, I get you get used to yourself. Surprised? I guess so. I'm pretty suprised." Julian pats his heart with his right hand and makes a peace sign. And he says, "Hashtag blessed."
We're talking about what's hot to find out who you are. When you are. How to be woman is one. Julian says the problem is that you don't know for a long time. “You’re playing basketball until your twenties, and then I actually found out I like baseball and soccer. You just grow up, you know.”
In one way, of course, it's banal; in another way, sentences like from a Great American Novel, Von Salinger., Von Roth, or Capote are snapped up and written down somewhere. Sentences that a man says who cannot yet understand the depth of his surface.
We are talking about the cover, about the artist Basquiat. Julian saw Basquiat's work in Paris for the first time. “I felt the whole range of rainbow emotions.” he says. Then silence again. Sometimes I don't know if he's tired. Whether he's gone to another world. Whether he's lonely. About what he really is.
I ask "The abnormal has become more normal. Can there be normality in a society based in individuality?”
He looks at me.
I say that the range of normality is washed by the normalization of abnormality. You can now be a Porsche driving communist or a trans man who loves bowling, and that’s okay. Julian laughs to himself. “The trans bowling guy, that is my favourite.” Then he says that "the new abnormal" is a quote from television. Julian was watching CNN and the governor of California stood there and commented on the wildfires that were now "the new abnormal".
Julian speaks of a power greater than that of the cherry or of monarchies. And from the fact that such a large retro and nostalgia wave would determine our aesthetics. It is the longing for the good old days when companies were not yet in charge. [EDIT 8: collab from justanotheeredditor]
In February, The Strokes performed at a rally event by demoscratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Julian wrote in a message from the band shortly before: “As the only truly non corporate candidate, Bernie Sanders represents our only chance to overthrown corporate power and help return America to democracy".
Julian Casablancas' father was John Casablancas, the founder of the American model agency Elite Models. He discovered Giselle Bündchen, his slogan was: "We don’t wake up for less than $ 10,000 a day." In the 1980s, his agency made about $ 100 million a year. Today that would correspond to about 313 million. Julian's father was that Corporate America.
"Do you think onstage." I ask.
"Yeah," he replies.
"Do you remember what you thought onstage tonight?"
"Yeah." he says.
"Would you like to share your thoughts with me."
"No. Sorry but it's a good question."
A conversation with Casablancas often leads to nowhere. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't lead to anything. Existing as nothing is something and not nothing, and I mean that in a David Lynch-est way. Here, the absence of being is a prerequisite for becoming something.
Casablancas can no longer remember why they made the album. Whether Rick Rubin asked the Strokes or the Strokes asked Rick Rubin.
“I was thinking how ironic the difference between pop art and pop music is", said Casablancas at the beginning of the conversation. We were briefly at Basquiat and Warhol. Now he says: "I mean, Rick Rubin was like next level mind and human king. But I think he kind of is more like a pop mind. And I am kind of drifted further into art things."
Albert Hammond Jr. arrives in the room. He brings with him a red heart shaped balloon. The woman from the Munich label had brought five hearts with her. We still have two minutes for the interview.
Julian Casablancas and I talk about our children in the remaining time. Two and a half years and eight months is a bleak age, says Julian. And then he hugs me. He really holds me close. I can feel his three necklaces on me.
It is just before midnight. And the winter is over.
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Best Fan Skins that should be added (For almost EVERY single Champion with artwork) - Continue in Comments Please

This post is a list of skin/chroma ideas that have been suggested by the community. Some of these ideas are my own, but most are not mine. This list is purely for speculation purposes and I don't take credit for any of the ideas.
I'm currently working on some chroma ideas and skin sketches. If you want to contribute, all links and ideas are welcome in the comments. (WILL BE UPDATING)
If linked, the artist can be found at the link. Please show them your support if you like their work.

Keep in mind that I will be adding all comment suggestions. This is an incomplete and evergrowing list

Champion Skin Idea Links (if any) to design
Aatrox Infernal/Wildfire Aatrox, Darkstar Aatrox, Guardian of Shurima Aatrox Infernal Aatrox Other Aatrox
Ahri Blood Moon Ahri, Soulstealer Ahri Blood Moon Ahri Soulstealer
Akali Pulsefire Akali Pulsefire Akali
Alistar Rodeo Alistar, High Noon Alistar
Amumu Frostbite Amumu, Ghostly Amumu https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DyR8o
Anivia Volcanic Anivia Volcanic Anivia
Annie Pizza Delivery Annie (see Zoe)
Ashe Blackfrost Ashe Ashe
Aurelion Sol Underworld Aurelion Sol, Sakura Blossom Aurelion Sol underworld
Azir Dark Star Azir
Bard Captain Bard Captain Baaaaaaarghd
Brand Aurora Borealis Brand
Braum Star Guardian Braum
Camille Oriental Camille, Officer Camille, Headhunter Camille, Pulsefire Camille Unknown Illustrator, Pulsefire Camille
Cassiopeia Black Rose Cassiopeia
Cho'Gath Deep Terror Cho'Gath
Diana PROJECT: Diana, Solari Diana Diana Diana 2, Solari
Dr. Mundo
Draven Juggler Draven (bean bags or bowling pins)
Ekko Timewarp Ekko
Evelynn PROJECT: Evelynn, Cyberpop Evelynn PROJECT Eve, Cyberpop
Fiora Baker Fiora BAGUETTE
Fizz Deep Terror Fizz
Galio Lunar Guardian Galio
Garen Lunar Guardian Garen
Gnar Gnargoyle Gnargoyle
Gragas First Mate Gragas
Graves High Noon Graves
Hecarim Dark Star Hecarim
Illaoi Mistress of the Grave Illaoi https://www.artstation.com/artwork/awLR8
Irelia Dawnbringer Irelia https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dZ2Z3
Ivern Seasonal Chromas (for base skin)
Janna Heartseeker Janna
Jarvan IV Gatekeeper Jarvan
Jayce Demon Jayce
Jhin Theatre Director Jhin, Phantom Jhin based on Phantom of the Opera
Jinx Academy Jinx
Kai'Sa Elderwood Kaisa, Program Kai'Sa Elderwood
Kalista Sewn Chaos Kalista https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DyR8o
Karma Blood Moon Karma Unknown Artist
Katarina Black Rose Katarina
Kayle Eternal Dawn Kayle
Kayn Candy Kayn http://i.imgur.com/iafzQJr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/iWHervs.jpg
Kennen Shurikennen
Kha'Zix Ravager Kha'Zix
Kindred Elderwood Kindred Elderwood Kindred
Kled Dragon Trainer Kled
Kog'Maw Detonator Kog'Maw
LeBlanc Black Rose LeBlanc
Lee Sin Pinata Master Lee Sin
Leona Lunari Leona Lunari Leona
Lissandra Blood Moon Lissandra, Ambermage Lissandra, Haunted Lissandraa Made by Leon Ho
Malphite Definitely Not Malphite https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DyR8o
Malzahar Dark Star Malzahar
Maoki Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Maoki, Elderwood Maoki https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DyR8o
Master Yi Sakura Master Yi
Miss Fortune High Noon Miss Fortune
Mordekaiser Underworld Mordekaiser
Morgana Eternal Twilight Morgana
Nami Jellyfish Nami, (Leafy) Sea Dragon Nami Jellyfish Nami
Nasus Gatekeeper Nasus
Nautilus Not-ilus (April Fool's Skin)
Neeko Elderwood Neeko, Cottontail Neeko, Dragon Sorceress Neeko, Neko Neeko, Program Neeko, Deep Sea Neeko, Infernal Neeko https://twitter.com/NeburaART/status/1064632623912370187
Nidalee Definitely Not Nidalee (turns into a dog)
Nocturne Infernal Nocturne
Nunu & Wilump
Olaf Pool Party Olaf
Orianna Program Orianna https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DyR8o
Ornn Santa Ornn https://www.reddit.com/leagueoflegends/comments/7ae72d/skin_concept_santa_ornn/
Poppy Astronaut Poppy, Sweetheart Poppy Astronaut Poppy
Quinn Freedom Fighter Quinn (Valor is a bald eagle)
Rakan Owlander Rakan, Elderwood Rakan Owlaner Rakan
Rammus Battlebee Rammus Bzzzzz
Rek'Sai Program Rek'Sai
Renekton Gatekeeper Renekton
Riven PROJECT: Riven PROJECT Riven
Ryze Infernal Ryze, Bloodstone Ryze
Sejuani Warring Kingdoms Sejuani, Rodeo Sejuani https://polycount.com/discussion/193426/riot-creative-contest-2017-character-art-warring-kingdoms-sejuani
Shaco Demon Shaco https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/OxXMX1EV-skin-idea-demon-shaco
Shen Arclight Shen https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Bm1RWl
Shyvana TWENTY Shyvana Skin Concepts https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/vJtNG57A-20-shyvana-skin-concepts
Singed Postman Singed https://www.mystalk.com/detail/1871638638740982814_1594041553/
Sion Marauder Sion Marauder
Sivir Life Guard Sivir Leon Ho
Skarner Program Skarner Program
Sona Cyberpop Sona, Phantom of the Opera Sona Cyberpop Sona
Soraka Marauder Soraka Marauder Soraka
Swain Dark Star Swain
Syndra Skull Warden Syndra, Bewitching Syndra "Day of the Dead Syndra" Bewitching Syndra
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench in Wonderland https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dVmKJ
Taliyah Emerald Taliyah, Elderwood Taliyah Emerald
Talon Soul Reaver Talon Soul Reaver
Taric Star Guardian Taric
Teemo Special Agent Teemo
Thresh Soul Reaver Thresh
Tristana Pool Party Tristana
Trundle Pool Party Trundle
Tryndamere Nightbringer Tryndamere
Twisted Fate Casino Twisted Fate
Udyr God Stance Udyr
Vel'Koz Alien Invader Vel'Koz
Viktor Mindflayer Viktor https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DyR8o
Volibear Warring Kingdoms Volibear
Xayah Owlander Xayah, Elderwood Xayah Owlander Xayah
Xerath Tidal Xerath
Xin Zhao Arclight Xin Zhao
Yasuo Cosmic Wanderer Yasuo, Warring Kingdoms Yasuo
Yorick Gingerbread Yorick (tiny Gingerbread men as ghouls!)
Zac Deep Sea Zac
Zed Pulsefire Zed, Blood Moon Zed
Ziggs White Rabbit Ziggs
Zilean Wizarding Zilean
Zoe Odyssey Zoe, Mint Candy, Pizza Delivery, Cyber Pop Zoe Chromas Odyssey, Mint, Pizza Delivery,
Zyra Alien Queen Zyra, Program Zyra https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DyR8o

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[Let's Build] businesses and trades in a frontier outpost or settlement

NOTE: We are out of room. Post continues here: https://www.reddit.com/d100/comments/8w13in/lets_finish_businesses_and_trades_in_a_frontie
Some people are attracted to the frontier of civilization for the adventure. Others might be drawn there for a host of reasons; looking to make coin in a new market, keeping ahead of the law, spreading their faith, bringing order and strengthening the borders of their homeland, or perhaps a noble house has too many scions and hopes that one late-born member might make good with his share of the family coffers.
Let’s build a list of NPCs with businesses and trades in a frontier outpost or settlement.
I’m about to introduce simplified kingdom building mechanics to my Pathfinder Campaign. Basically, it allows your adventurers to govern and grow the settlement they are based in. So I’m looking to make a list of businesses and trades that might be compelled to put stakes down in a frontier outpost with colorful NPCs that might provide plothooks and role-play opportunities.
In my campaign the adventurers are getting a charter from the local military to rebuild a settlement in an abandoned town they have just cleared out of undead and bandits (nominally). It will begin as a outpost to the guard, but can be reoccupied by the former residents, serve as homes for new wonderers, refugees and eager enterprisers. It’s a location that can attract low-fantasy motifs of traditional trades but also allows for interlopers from the feywilds and other planes. So businesses could range from the mundane, such as tanneries or grain mills to the exotic and arcane like a drug den but where the intoxicants are dreamscapes from the feywilds.
Interested in storyhooks and interesting npcs. If you are familiar with any kingdom building mechanics feel free to drop in any additional info that might help GMs—building stats, building costs, settlement effects. Just descs are fine too.
Edit: Feel free to suggest similar businesses already on the list if you have a different spin on it. A little competition is healthy.
d100 Name Desciption
1 Bottlejaw’s Barbershop (and Dentistry) The spinning helix of the barber pole atop the shingle of criss-crossing razors and shears placemarks Bottlejaws Barbershop. Edmund Bottlejaw, an always-smiling halfling whose pleasant demeanor might be a professional front has a ramshackle building with very expensive touches. Perhaps the centerpiece is a shiny leather-upholstered hydraulic chair that adjusts not just for the variety of heights of his customers, but also comes with restraints when his work involves the occasional tooth extraction. Busts of humanoids showcase different styling and services, including a dwarf sporting beard-wigs intricately plaited and an orc with a hairpiece dramatically adorned and dyed. He is assisted by a silent and brooding young aasimar, Rajar, who mainly sweeps and appears to be able to provide the muscle.
2 Erastil’s Blessings: Seed bank and lending Library An elderly human and a baby-nursing half-elf woman came into town on an elk-drawn tarp-covered carriage. Most of their belongings were stacks and stacks of practical books, almanacs, manuals, plants guides and many copies of Parables of Erastil, the holy text of the elder god for a traditional way of life. Molthuse and Nirmal are a fount of practical knowledge. They set up quiet places to read and reference their library in a simple wooden structure, allowing visitors to copy information on paper available for purchase. Nirmal is also in charge of a thriving garden, often pressing cuttings and seedling to visitors. Near the entrance of the library, stands pots of seedballs for sale, seeds of useful plantlife and nutrient packed in mud.
3 The Central Prospect A small shed with a stable door, operated by Able, an elderly dwarven fellow with a bald head and long grey scraggley beard. The "store" provides basic tools for prospecting, crow bars, shovels, pick axes, gold pans, etc. Able also has well documented maps of the area showing points of interest.
4 Riverbottom Candleshop Wendy Riverbottom was one of the first inhabitants of area, in fact only the oldest explorers can even remember her moving in. One question always comes up when they see her shop, “Why a Chandler in the middle of nowhere?” to which she gleefully replies that everyone enjoys the light aroma of a candle or a well-crafted bar of soap. She’s open to share her history about the world but strictly adamant against anyone going downstairs to the workshop and seeing the crafting process.
5 The Loose Stool A tavern run by a dwarf named Kirgan. The interior looks nearly as rundown as the exterior of the building. Creaky floors, tables with uneven legs, and to top it off, the bar top is only 3 feet high to cater to Kirgan's shortness. He is old, even for a dwarf, sporting long gray unkempt hair. He is rather grumpy, always having something to complain about. Don't you dare ask him about the scar on the side of his face or you'll regret it. All that aside he sells great ale by the barrel to travelers interested in taking the party to go
6 Aegert’s Breads The small cart parked in the center of the settlement has become a familiar sight to the residents. The cart serves as the shop for Joarr Aegert, the resident half-orc baker, to sell his breads. While his rolls and loaves are nothing fancy, they are tasty and filling. Joarr is saving up to buy a small home so that his wife and children can come join him. He misses them dearly, and they him.
7 Illia's Rug Shack The hunch-backed, plump-faced woman who runs this decrepit store out of what was once a large tool shed doesn't have a set price on a single one out of the dozens of crude rugs she sells out of the dusty shack, but despite her condescending demeanor she is usually willing to let potential customers haggle for them. Illia is almost never seen outside of her store and nobody is quite sure how she gets her rugs. Secretly, Illia is a hag who uses the store as a front for her child peddling business. If you go to the back door at night and knock in a specific pattern, then mention her secret passcode: "worm food," she will sell you any of the children she keeps locked in the back bound and gagged, for the right price. Illia has an orc bodyguard who can usually be seen standing outside the front of the store smoking a pipe.
8 Pete’s Pelts Pete mostly mumbles, but he is an excellent hunter. Pete sells pelts and dried animal meat. He also sells assorted hunting supplies. He has a small shack he lives in. His furs and other wears are hanging in a barn just outside guarded by his old dog, Grungy . Pete is also a master fletcher and will build specialty arrows for you for the right price.
9 Mat’s Maps A man named Mathew who sells maps next to his twin brother.
10 Map’s Mats A man named Mapthew who sells mats and rugs next to his twin brother.
11 Coinz4Shineez A small stall operated by a group of Goblins. They exchange gems, gold, anything of value for coins. They offer a favourable rate, but will not haggle. Loot is placed on a set of scales, and the appropriate coins appear in a small chest. The loot then goes in the chest and disappears. They are underwritten by a noble wizard in the capital.
12 B'Rody's General Store This recently widowed Dragonborn has packed up her wagon caravan in the South and set up shop in the North where her remaining family can be found. She's made her fortune dealing in exotic goods and just wants a bit of peace and quiet. Caution: She is known to breath fire at shoplifters. (pro. Bah' Rudy)
13 M'uhctek's Market Ash M'uhctek, a half-elf moon druid and initiate wizard that leans heavily towards the teachings of Solonor Thelandira, owns the largest produce stall in town. Carries a bit of everything in his wagon and loves to trade. He struck a deal with the local council for a farm and the large swath of forest behind it to remain untouched. In return he uses Plant Growth to bolster harvests in the province. Oddly enough he does this in every town he visits and has set up quite a few franchises and private wildlife preserves.
14 Black Books: Bernard Black is the owner of this small, dusty and very disorganized book shop. He is a disheveled misanthrope, cynical alcoholic, and a proud chain smoker. He has a strong disdain for people and avoids interaction with his few customers as much as possible. On occasions where he is forced into interaction with customers his response is snarky and mocking. The shop has an incredible collection of books, but almost all of them are in terrible condition — Bernard has read them all.
15 Laif and Kheem's Frontier Furnishing Laif is a viking as he is pictured in books and on the embossments of viking shields. His majestic beard is always waxed and his posture is proud and loyal to the gods of order and justice. Kheem is a mounted archer as is portrayed by legends and frightened battle reports of the tribes of the tundra. His beard is like that of a mighty dragon and his shoulders are guarded by the heads of beasts whom he hath' slain.The two are united only by honor and their great adventure, of which they are the only survivors. Having done their share, they traded in the one or other limb for experience and settled to construct the settlements of your oncoming NPCs. (They are actually still pretty badass, but Laif can't speak common!)
16 Ar-Og's very good tools Ar-Og is a troll or possibly orc, or a half-breed of some sort. We don't know. His temper is as slow as dripping tar, and nothing seems to get him into anything related to the bloodrush of those whom he possibly is related to. Except if you question the quality of his tools. Which, as he proclaims, are very good.If you need a hammer, or perhaps a bizarre axe to chop trees which grow in nooks of some stone canyon, just barely out of reach from a regular axe, he is your man! Or possibly troll.
17 Questionable Ehrnard's Questionable Products! Look, there's nobody for miles - the last shepherd you saw was literally just an unsupervised dog. Really, that there's any store at all is a small miracle. Thinking anything about the economics of running this store would have clued you in on the questionable nature of its owner and products. But what you see is what you get and some of the products don't seem terrible. Plus, it's not like you can be picky, just watch your pack while you're inside.
18 Infernal Delights Diner This seemingly quaint diner has a charming and flirty red teifling cook by the name of Pot and a demure and empathetic server ‎aasimar‎ by the name of Cake. These two are always playfully arguing with one another and always seem to know just a bit more than they should about their customers. They are in fact an angel and a devil who have abandoned their posts and now reward or punish customers in mysteriously karmic ways. Locals don't know exactly what goes on in the dinner but they know its a good way to test whether visitors are trouble makers or future friends so often will send any new visitors to the dinner.
19 Gregarious Gnome Gebby's Quality Used Golems! Gebby is a fast talking, slick haired, and sharply dressed salesman with a bevy of used golems of all types. He provides them to rent or own but if you to fail return the golem in time he will charge a generous interest rate and if it comes back too damaged? Well you break it you buy it! The golems are useful for protecting the town and building houses and Gebby makes a good deal of coin providing their services but he might be willing to give a discount if you can help repair some of his damaged golems or help retrieve a late payment or two.
20 Keara's Bar & Barbershop Keara Blackblade is a retired dwarf soldier who has opened up her dream business. She serves fine drink and will trim your hair and beard into fine styles. She loves her job and she assures you she cuts hair best when drunk. Her husband Nug Blackblade a cigar chomping grump runs the bar while she cuts hair and is less pleased about the work than his wife if only because his supply of drink is constantly running low.
21 The Spit A tavern housed in a small two storey building. The tables are placed around the walls, and a staircase rises to the next floor at the back of the room. In the centre of the room is a fire pit, with meat of unknown varieties cooking on spits over the flames. The proprieter is a friendly Orc-ish fellow (he's part Orc, so he's Orc-ish) by the name of Grub. The upper floor is a mezzanine that circles the inside of the building. There is a hole in the centre of the roof that the smoke billows from. In bad weather, Grub will hoist a canvas sheet over the outside of the hole, filling the building with smoke.
22 Watery Fowls A tavern on the main trade road with a short-tempered and incompetent Elven owner Basil, his wife Sybil, a Dwarven chef called Munnuel, and an Aasimar receptionist called Polly. Basil is spectacularly racist, and tries to micromanage everything, to hilarious consequence.
23 Poe and Shaun's Potion Shop There they were, two Halflings with a dream. They wanted a store where they could test their experimental potions and make a little money on the side. Their potion shop is covered in bottles, hanging down so people must brush them aside to even make their way to the counter. A constant bubbling and hissing from mixtures can be heard throughout. Poe handles the social interactions while Shaun can be found in the back, wearing thick goggles and testing out their experiments. Sure they have some of the boring regular potions one might find at any store, but where's the fun in that when you could have a gander at Potion Experiment #626?
24 Prickly's Fortunes Within a large cactus resides an equally prickly dryad. This sarcastic and snarky dryad is willing to trade fortunes and, for major deeds, resurrections in exchange for environmental activities. She is tuned to the frontier and can sense any potential threat to the wilderness of these lands and request a task capable of her visitors, so a farmer will get their fortunes told by planting some bushes but an adventurer? Well, she will likely expect more.
25 Hunters and Slayers Triplet Catfolk Rangers running a beast and monster slaying company. Prrrr favors monstrosities, Grrrr favors beasts, and Hsss favors staying at the office selling the hides, meat, teeth, and other goods his siblings harvest from their hunts. They are always willing to share the profits for an especially dangerous hunt.
26 Grilled Bears A wilderness survival store with a focus on the essentials like rope, knives, tinderboxes, etc. They sell a proprietary magical canteen that refills to full whenever it is emptied. Sadly, the contents only refills with water, and it always tastes like urine. The owner, known as BG, has a habit of overstating his knowledge and lies constantly about his past in the elite guard.
27 Meer Ray A kind Tabaxi fellow offering lessons in surviving the wilderness. Starting with the basics of building a fire and making camp, patrons can progress to more advanced skills like tracking, hunting and herbalism. Ray also has a selection of survival tools available, but they tend to be more advanced than his competitor GB's wares.
28 Rocky Rambler's Rolling Canyons! "Hi, I'm Rocky Rambler! Have you recently moved onto a new property in a sparse frontier and need to remodel your landscape? Then boy, do I have the product for you! Get new Landscape Rolls TM! Ever bought rolls of sod? The cheap dead grass rolled up in bundles? Well now you can buy rolls of just about anything! Want a green meadow filled with blooming wildflowers? Slap it down, roll it out! Want bumpy landscape with rocks and cactus? Unroll it like a rug! Or even a babbling brook for relaxing white noise? They may leak, but they're loaded with fish! You want a heavenly cloudscape? Well, it'll likely float off once you lay it down, but we've got 7 left over from a refunded order! For the next week and a half, buy any two landscapes and get a roll of Clouds absolutely FREE (with purchase of any two outdoor landscapes, offer invalid with wooden floor rolls and interiors, limit one cloud roll per person per day, offer not valid on Thursdays, taxes and fees may apply, offer not valid to Cloud Giants, Cloud Dragons, or Air Elementals. No Refunds, all sales are final). So Come on down to Rocky Rambler's Rolling Canyons! Located adjacent to Rocky Rambler's Animal in a Bottle Warehouse and Enchanted Boot Emporium!"
29 Cold River Shipping Company Running up in the northern frontier near the Frozen Pines, the Company consists of a fleet of canoes, rafts, and barges along the rivers. Mainly shipping smaller goods or individuals across the rivers and streams, it is a loose outfit put together by four half-orc brothers with native help. They plan to gather enough funds to buy a ship good for breaking ice flows and make their business legitimate.
30 The Silver Sledge This mining corporation was formed earlier on during the beginning of the frontier by a prominent dwarf miner, Fuaser Robishau. Earning his fortune early on through a large silver payload, which he and his family defended savagely, he has now sponsored several other mines under his new corporation. He mainly favors fellow dwarves who come to work for him, setting them up as work crew bosses and foremen. He does not mind the cheating of common workers, but any who undercut him, even fellow dwarves, are often found outside of town with a pickaxe lodged in their skull.
31 Hedge Mage Headquarters The frontier proved a great opportunity for up and coming wizards wishing to establish a name for themselves after completing their apprenticeships. Founded by the gnome Fullbery "School Marm" Washup, the headquarters functions as a secondary academy, lodging, and work area, but also as contact for services requiring magic. While the work is not nearly as precise or as epic as from master wizards, it provides affordable and regular services.
32 The Stoor "Come on up, don't be shy. Sure it's not much but—oh pardon me, let me pull that carpet back down o'er the box, er, shop here. But we got just what you need this far out. What things? Oh you know, lots of things. Many things. I keep them tucked behind this box for safety is all. It's one of them bags o' holdin'... but a box. Oh these? These rocks? Oh these are, uh, rocks... the finest rocks in the land. No better rocks out there, I got 'em all righ' here. And I spent a fair bit o' time searching for them, no need to thank me. Now are you buyin' a rock or not?"
33 Graves Lost & Found An unusual partnership with an greedy female Ratfolk Ranger named Rugel and a noble female Centaur Cleric name Clover. The two seek out the frontier for unmarked graves of fallen travelers. Clover performs rights upon the corpse, speak with dead to find out who they are, burns the body, and recovers the ashes. Rugel tracks the bodies down, steals anything of value off the body, investigates for any clues regarding the identity of the person, and gets info when Clover speaks with dead about any other treasures the dead may know of. They are hired to find the graves of lost travelers and return the ashes or they will try to return the ashes if they get the name of the family of the perished traveler. They also have a shed of unidentified ashes they hold on to. The information they get from the dead can also be purchased from this odd pair.
34 Belix's Obelisks and Menhir Workshop and Delivery Belix appears to be human in most respects, if one of prodigious dimensions. What might give an observer pause is his incredible strength, evident as he works his trade, literally carving out a natural wall-face to produce oblong menhirs that tower over most people and easily hefting the pure rock sculptures as if it were no heavier than a sack of feathers. It is rumored that the menhirs might be the source of his strength, but none of his customers appear any more vital. However no one can deny the charm of his simple but impressive handiwork, the Founders Stone a simple giant obelisk that towers in the town square, being an excellent example. He is always working on a few extra obelisks and menhirs just in case despite the limited market, but in his many hours of downtime he hunts boars, with one or two always on a spit roast at his quarry. He’ll accept coin, but some have discovered he will barter nearly any task or item for a potion, any potion. He appears to be looking a particular potion, but he’s willing to try any in his maniacal quest.
35 The Outlook A small tavern with a few spare rooms for any travelers making their way through. It's a nice place to stop at if you need to rest up and take stock before heading out. The main draw though are the scouts that like to hang around and guide any newcomers. There's a bit of competition among the scouts as business isn't exactly thriving this far out. The unspoken agreement among them is they each have a specialized area of what they know and they stick with it. Know ahead of time where you're going if you want a guide from here or else there's sure to be a bar fight among the guides. As troublesome as it sounds, these guides are certainly experts of their area.
36 Eastwood's Stables This gruff cowboy is a literal cow-boy. A Minotaur that gave up the life of a bounty hunter to raise and sell horses to those in need. A loner who prefers the company of horses he known to be fair if rude. One would be wise not to cross Eastwood, he is as dangerous as he looks.
37 Ranch and Menagerie Grove This Druid Grove is home to a Druid Collective that both protects and sells the creatures kept within the grove. They provide some of the animals within the grove for hunting or labor, for a price, as long as excessive damage is not done to the frontier. They have also been know to go out to hunt down poachers that threaten the wildlife of the frontier. They are willing to provide services if one brings them rare beasts of the frontier to be protected within the grove.
38 Big Dog's Casino Run by Big Dog, an awakened bulldog, this high-end casino is where those who have earned their riches in the frontier can socialize and gamble in safety and fun. Big Dog is a mysterious dog seeming to have lived through several major events in history and is far more clever than he appears at first glance. He has somehow convinced a cyclops, Snake Eye, to man the door and a pair of bugbear brothers, Blackjack and Roulette, acting as muscle within the casino itself. His employees are remarkably loyal and protective of Big Dog, which is good because he has far more enemies than any dog should.
39 The Holy Church An aged Cleric Elf runs a church of the town known only as Father and rumored to have come from the Fey realm. A child that was possessed by a demon was visited by the Father and it is said that when he walked into the room the Demon-possessed child went silent, then screamed, and the demon banished itself. The grounds of the church is truly hollowed ground as one can feel the divine energy radiating from it to the point that it glows ever so slightly at night.
40 The Public Library Run by a Kitsune Bard Loremaster, named Shu, and her adopted daughter, a Changeling, named Frell. These two shapshifters gather knowledge from the frontier and record them into the books of the library, making magical copies to send to other libraries around the world. They are willing to pay for any unique knowledge you may offer and the library is free to use for anybody though there is a donation box. Usually only one will be in the library as the other would be searching the frontier for unique plants, creatures, or lore to add to their books.
41 Normal Carpentry This place is completely normal. It does carpentry. There is no sinister basement. There is no evil cult. Its just a normal carpentry shop. We are not aberrations.
42 Under Well Shop A well has appeared though its waters seem toxic and its seems a shop is attached to it underground. It's keeper, a cloaked in Drow, possess goods only found within the underdark. The shop owner will tell you a creature is within the waters of the well polluting it and it needs to be slain to purify the water.
43 Lake Town A nearby lake has had a settlement of aquatic races move in. A gillman named Ted runs the trading post between the town and the lake. He holds a bevy of goods created and harvested by the citizens of the lake.
44 Tim Tim Tom's Cobbler Store Tim Tim Tom is a true master cobbler. A halfling who makes the highest quality shoes in the frontier, perhaps the world. His shoes are incredibly comfortable and near indestructible as his skill is so polished it seems divinely touched. Nearly everybody in town has a custom pair make for them despite the incredible prices he charges as he is willing to take payments over the course of years for permanent residents. But if adventures want a pair of his shoes you will need to gather some of his rare material.
45 Jackdaw's Discount Weapons Jackdaw is a weaponsmith who gets about half of his stock from adventurers passing through with weapons they looted off of fallen foes. As a result, much of his loot is eclectic and unique in its style and material.
46 Fangjaw's Proteccy Clothez A lizardfolk armorer who doesn't speak great common, but makes damn good armor, whether it be metal or hide. He moved out here because in the bigger cities, his accent proved more of a deterrent than out here.
47 Athena's Aegis A female former gladiator who specializes in making magical protective shields. Especially those that can be thrown into the enemies' faces. (Captain America style)
48 Lone Star Courier A courier service that gives zero regard for the safety of their deliverymen and as a result, will rarely refuse a contract. However, they are also always looking for new couriers.
49 Goldie's Bank and Storage Services: This bank (one of many) is run by gold tinted Kobolds serving a particularly organized and neurotic Gold Dragon, Goldie, who uses the holdings as their hoard. The bank holds onto goods and money allowing it to accrue interest as long as the holder checks in once a year. If the holder does not show during a year the treasure is held but no interest is gained. Treasure can be retrieved if proof of ownership or holder returns and a holding fee is paid. If the holder is found dead and the initial insurance is not paid the treasure becomes the property of the bank. The bank will often set up bounties to determine if the holders are alive or dead and request proof of either. Killing a holder during a bounty mission has serious consequences and those who kill holders or those who have not paid off their loans have especially high bounties put up by the bank.
50 Gible Gom's Circus A strange circus that seems to pop in and out of existence within the town. Run primarily by Goblins and Hobgoblins they put on exciting acrobatic and athletic feats, enchanting performances, and spectacular magical tricks. The people are a bit wary but those who go seem to truly enjoy the show and miraculously the only money lost is that willingly spent. Some very angry looking elves from the Fey have been seen staring at the circus but they vanish before anybody gets close. Gible, the circus master Hobgoblin, seems nervous and is seeking help regarding the elves.
51 Helding’s Hardware Helding's Hardware is a small tool shop run by the owner and sole employee Javis Helding. The store is a small but well-kept building situated between two larger buildings on either side, making the clay brick shop appear even smaller. Multiple racks line the walls and form aisles in an orderly fashion, each one holding his collection of a certain tool. Hammers, shovels, saws. Javis almost always has something that fits the bill, and if he doesn’t, he’ll make sure the blacksmith starts working on something that does. Javis himself is a burly halfling, an uncommon combination of words that nonetheless describes the 4-foot high bundle of good humor and masculinity. Nothing matters more to him than his tiny shop and the people he meets there. Those that know him know that when they walk through his door, they will get the best help he can provide.
52 Fettlepox's Studio Mauxi Fettlepox is a lanky figure who while known to be temperamental exercises the best manners. His business is not so much a storefront as a narrow alcove where he stacks the canvases he paints. On the sidewalk he places a few easels displaying of his most recent work—typically a maelstrom of frenzied brushstrokes that coalesce to an enthralling simulacrum of his subject. When the easels change, it is a minor event, with even critics pausing to update their opinions. It has become a habit to drop a coin in a tin bowl beneath the work, the clinking announcing each viewer. There’s often an unsettling quality to the work even as they are undeniably captivating, much like the man himself. His ethnicity, heck, even his race, is difficult to place—human might be the best guess going by his ears and dun pigmentation. But there’s something other about him. There’s some talk that he might seal a part of his subject’s soul in his paintings—that’s surely hogwash… But why can’t he never be found in his room at the tavern he rents out? And how does outdrink the stoutest dwarf with none the worse for wear?
53 Cold Justice Law House Judge Jaws, a lizardfolk Inquisitor, judges the criminal of the frontier with his lawmen. Deputy Chill a Water Suli and Sheriff Scorch a Fire Suli. Chill is a Ranger and Scorch is a Monk. Chill finds and Scorch runs down and beats them senseless. Recently they found a bandit camp and need some help taking them down.
54 Frenti Chartered Architect & Assoc. In a display of her skills, the entrance to Aleski Frenti’s offices are accessible via a mechanical contraption she calls “the elevator.” A balcony encircles her office allowing visitors to circumambulate and observe the vista of the growing outpost. The office itself is busy with workspaces covered with blueprints and designs. Tableaus with maps and plans can be wheeled around the space; a number of draftstables have active building designs underway; and a giant table allows for papers to be spread widely with many half-drunk cups of a some brown syrupy liquid scatter upon it, sometimes apparently serving as paperweights. A narrow winding staircase apparently leads to Aleski’s quarters. She is often found bent over a blueprint, scribbling notes with her sleeves folded to her elbows. Her assistant, a young gnome, Jerfery often follows behind her collecting the scraps of paper in her wake. While she is retained by the Council, she can be hired by private individuals either to design or consult.
55 Cool Winds' ButcheAnita's Fight Club An androgynous undine named Jacky (isn’t too hung up on pronouns) and a half-orc who goes by Anita run the cold store and butchery. Jacky is undoubtedly the face of the establishment, and apparently responsible for the cool temperature generally and the arctic chill in the meat room. Jacky does the more traditional butchery, trapping game, quartering and dressing carcasses, and preparing and preserving meats. They have become a regular supplier to a few homes and businesses but they will handle meats on request. Anita is reticent and gruff. However, she hosts a “secret” fight club after hours once a week in the meat room with Jacky’s reluctant consent. Victors, and scrappy losers, even, can expect eye contact, discounts and even a smile from Anita. The fraternity of brawlers is becoming a real thing in the outpost.
56 Sir Calleb Dallas's Home for Orphans and Wayward Children Sir Calleb Dallas, a human, was from a high ranking noble family who tried to become more selfless and charitable by opening an Orphanage in the frontier. Unfortunately his noble upbringing has left him ill-suited to frontier life and dealing with rambunctious children. To make matters worse his family has cut off funding to his orphanage! This desperate situation has caused the eldest and most dedicated orphan, Red an 60 year old Elf (technically still a child), to run off into the frontier for some treasure to save the orphanage. If you can go find and rescue Red, Calleb is willing to give up a treasured family heirloom as a reward.
57 Expose Inc. Expose Inc. is a trio of mystery-solving reporters. The blond male trap master Aasimar named Ascot is the leader of the group. The clumsy attractive redhead half-elf sorceress in purple robes is named Dnger Pronee is the interviewer, and the female bespectacled gnome loremaster, Jinkies, is the head researcher and writer. A monster is scaring off the new owners of the Belfast Manor, will you help them capture the creature and get the story?
58 Fey Pharmaceutical Delights A skinny cowardly Drow Fey Druid in a green shirt wearing a brown mushroom hat, named Norville, runs a shop with drugs of various effects from both the Fey realm and the Underdark. His best friend is an awoken equally cowardly talking dog, named Dooby. Both act as if effected by their product but they are in truth just silly and simple. Will trade product for delicious food. They will give the very best of their product if you get the legendary God Dog Biscuits for them to snack on.
59 Markus the Canoe-Maker Markus… he doesn’t make canoes. It’s a just a moniker that stuck for the meticulous way he hollows out the corpses of the departed that no one claims, making careful anatomist sketches and inks. Otherwise, he provides sombre, brief, professional funeral services, minus the homilies, demonstrating a savant-level knowledge of faiths and cultures. Those services go a long way to balance out the gaunt, sallow wizard’s macabre pursuits—that and his restraint in raising the dead. In fact, he’s probably the best person around for an exorcism or discreet consultation about the ol’ family ghost. Perhaps unsurprisingly he’s quite the expert in pathology, either coming to unerring conclusions or withholding his judgment. When in doubt, he will simply cast speak to the dead, a task that the local law have been known to require.
60 Quality Custom Magic Jewelry This ant colony is a hive mind that burst out of the ground and created a house sized ant hill. No one is sure how they came to be or where they come from but they seem friendly enough. To create the jewelry a person must sacrifice an item of great sentimental importance to the customer, high quality gems, precious metals or rare bones, a cup of the customer's tears, a pint of customer's blood, and 25 pounds of sugar and/or sweets. The ants will take the items and work for 2 weeks to create unique magical jewelry usable only by the customer or their heirs with abilities that match the customer's personality. They can only make one such item for each person though they can still make high quality normal jewelry if the raw material and 10 pounds of sugar and/or sweets is provided. If the ants see you as receptive they may ask for help in stopping their former master from finding and enslaving it. Their former master is a wizard that has changed himself permanently into an ant monster that can control ants psychically.
61 Lydia’s Arbor The dryad Lydia welcomes all visitors to her small arbor, maintaining a staff of workers to harvest the fruit trees she nurtures. Parents have learned that they can safely keep their children in her care. Adventurers short on coin might spend a night under the canopy of her orchards. In exchange of a favor, she might even woodshape an enchanted object. She is well-versed in the medicinal properties of her plants. That a dryad would choose to make a home in a frontier town would rightly surprise a visitor. Much like others of her kind, Lydia began her life with an aversion to civilization. It was only when her grove was met with destruction, not by the woodmen that were pushing back the forest, but by an enormous wildfire that her destiny was altered. Lydia melded herself to her oak tree, resigned to her fate when a druid compelled her to withdraw. The human druid took her back to a hamlet and kept her alive. Though weak, she wandered the hamlet drawn to its oldest tree, amazed at the care the inhabitants took to that tree in particular. She swallowed her bitterness at how this tree could survive amidst humanity who destroyed so much of nature and communed with the elder tree. That experience changed her. The druid led her back to the tree that she had bonded with. There a sapling had sprung where the giant oak once stood. She carefully uprooted the sapling and set out to find another frontier town where she could set her roots, and possibly proselytize a green way forward.
62 Fritz's Magic School Wagon This small yellow wagon is larger on the inside and can house an entire class of students. It can also transform, shrink, grow, and travel between the planes. The teacher is a powerful human fey sorceress. With her iguana familiar and class in tow they take the wagon on magical educational trips. She is looking for some chaperones to help her on her next grand trip to hell!
63 The Doll Maker This quaint little shop is surprisingly dark. Inside are countless dolls and stuffed animals of very high quality though some look off-putting and creepy. The shop owner is a vampire named Dex who who drinks from a heart of never ending blood. He really loves his dolls. Dex has a private collection of old, possibly haunted, dolls. If you promise to care for them, Dex will give you one of his special custom-made dolls or stuffed animals. They are very special dolls.
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Mili - Within (Official Lyric Video / Goblin Slayer Episode 12 Insert Song) Augmentroar Permalink Youtube
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[Monday, February 4 2019] undersea robot just delivered 100,000 baby corals to the Great Barrier Reef; Microsoft preparing to bring Xbox Live to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch; Netflix to Acquire Zac Efron Ted Bundy Movie ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’




  • mvea
    New research provides evidence that religious and spiritual beliefs lower the risk of depression because they’re associated with changes in white matter microstructure, the communication pathways of the brain, based on brain imaging of family members at high risk for depression.
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  • speckz
    The 'Right to Repair' Movement Is Gaining Ground and Could Hit Manufacturers Hard - The EU and at least 18 U.S. states are considering proposals that address the impact of planned obsolescence by making household goods sturdier and easier to mend.
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  • chartr
    Word clouds and lyric analysis of Maroon 5 albums released 15 years apart illustrates how they have become more "pop" than "rock". [OC] from Instagram @chartrdaily.
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  • mspoonygp
    [Title Post] Microsoft preparing to bring Xbox Live to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch
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  • BRIStoneman
    In the 1930s, Germany supported a terrorist campaign designed to topple the fascist government of Austria, to the extent that it nearly came to war with Italy and Austria. Why were the Nazis so violently opposed to what should have been an ideologically compatible regime?


  • ashbender
    A free, online graphing calculator with lots of Finance customizable formulas
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  • The_Best_Nerd
    TIL that the NFL made a commitee to falsify information to cover up brain damage in their players
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  • throwaway732912
    TIL that 1972 democratic vice presidential candidate Thomas Eagleton was forced to drop out of the race after he was humiliated by the "revelation" that he had been treated for chronic depression.
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  • zepphiu
    TIL that a Carl's Jr. in Santa Rosa, California, untouched by surrounding wildfires, caught fire when staff made 165 hamburgers for first responders.
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  • OneSimplyDoes
    [Title Post] Netflix to Acquire Zac Efron Ted Bundy Movie ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’
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  • BunyipPouch
    Idris Elba to Star in Supernatural-Thriller 'Deeper' - Will play a deep-sea diver exploring a newly discovered trench, soon finding himself confronted by a sinister and dangerous force.
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    Atleast the Dallas Stars did Spongebob right
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  • TooShiftyForYou
    JaVale McGee, who won a championship with the Warriors last year but now plays for the Lakers, finally got his championship ring when the two teams played on Saturday
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    The “Goth Chicken”, Ayam Cemani. This chicken is all dark, even its bones and internal organs
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    Any love for baby coral? These are being transplanted en masse via a sea-robot to repair the Great Barrier Reef. They grow slow, 0.5-1 inch per year on average. It can take 10,000 years to grow into a reef.
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    Is your dumb kid sad because nobody bullies them? Fuckin' glue some paint to their head
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    Jim forgave his wife for her one-time affair but he would be damned if he had to treat that kid the same as his own.
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  • Camsy34
    Look at how distraught Megan is! This is what it will feel like if Net Neutrality dies. Don't let the FCC make you like Megan!
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The rest of the 1200BC techs


Naturals, not including the loresearch:
RP for 'em:
(Coming soon)
Many traders worked as farmers when they weren't lugging goods along the Silt Road and around the Murtaviran town of Kaya men slaved away (literally) with large wooden contraptions. When Tekatans inquired about the purpose of such devices and learned of their tilling potential many Tekatans built their own, increasing their field's productivity by like 50 probably.
Anyhow, pulling a big ol' chunk of wood is difficult work for poor little Tekatans, but luckily Zefarri inventions had spread up from south which made their lives significantly easier. Hyaduh had first encountered the yoke and cart combo on her visit to Epo-Kaan. She brought the knowledge home with her and spread it out to her subjects (as any good leader should). As a result, the yoke was developed, allowing farmers to tie their donkeys or cows together to pull the plow, or alternatively pull carts of goods of weight which even a camel would have difficulty carrying.
So, let's say you're a fruit trader... Or a meat trader, I'm not really sure what goes off faster. I suppose we could smoke the meat, but you can't smoke fresh fruit... Anyhow, it begs the question; what can you do to preserve them?
One man emerged from the Iz. His body dripped with water, his hair soaked and although it was a sunny day, he felt rather cold. Like lightning, the revelation sparked through his head. Unwittingly, he had stumbled upon the concept of latent heat and like any person he sought to best utilise this new knowledge by cooling his vegetables. At first he soaked a linen cloth in lake water and wrapped it around his Mupundu plums. Whilst the fruits were certainly chilled, they also became slightly damp which was an altogether unpleasant experience.
Knowing of the waterproof nature of beeswax, the man coated the wet cloth's interior with it before covering the fruit once again. It cooled them, but soon the water all evaporated and they began to warm the batch again (a bad thing). This man, being incredibly lazy, sought the best way to ensure a steady stream of water surrounded the plums. He tried floating the bowl on the Iz, but to no avail. They were only slightly cooled.
It was only when he buried the bowl in the wet sand outside his home did he notice a significant, long lasting cooling effect. He perfected the design, making two pots of clay, seating one in the other and wetting the sand between them when they began to dry. On the arid, windy shores of the Iz, these devices ensured that traders and merchants could keep their stock ripe and rot free for longer periods of time.
Bambara groundnuts were a staple of Lizyan diets for centuries. Up in the volcanic hills of the Midlands, there was little water to grow Rice, and although Tef grew well, once the fields had been used multiple times the yields started to drop.
Bambara groundnuts were a reliable nutritional source, because one could plant them in the same location year after year and the yields would be unchanged. All one had to do was to bless the field they grew in with a sprinkling of potash and they could supply a village with an endless amounts of food. Is it any surprise that this wondercrop spread like wildfire around the Tekatan hills?
Now, the Lizya was famed for its shaking earth, the thunderous, snowcapped mountains that watched over the savannah like gods. People lived around these volcanoes, finding the soil to be surprisingly fertile. Yields here were often much higher than elsewhere in the Tekatan lands, however home construction was a bit of a concern.
Many of the richer Lizyans sought to emulate Tekatan architecture, the stunning limeplaster buildings with their stark slate roofs, and so they imported limeplaster from Ata and Tek. One man decided enough was enough; he would try to construct his own plaster from local materials. At first mud was selected, but it was found to crack in the heat of the sun and when it rained it didn't like sticking to walls. Using the formula for lime (heat limestone a lot) and mixing it with local material (pumice from the volcanoes) the man made a mortar so strong and versatile that the trade dynamic completely reversed; now the people in Ata wanted to buy his famous mortar!
The perfect formula was kept a state secret during Kwelez's lockdown on the discussion of Tekatan technology. Very few men knew how to make it, but through their hard work the plaster spread around the Tekatan territory just like a mason was working it.


During Yatari's visit to the Murtaviran capital of Anabi, he had noted the expansive, unique stonecut architecture of the Murtaviran masons and was even fooled into thinking a marble statue was a living human! His intrigue, coupled with his fascination with the Silt Road lead to a seldom read treatise on architecture, written by Yatari himself in order to understand Murtaviran architecture and stonecutting. Once it was published, rich landowners near Tek sought to recreate the Western designs in their architecture and so stole the concept of stone dressing.
Chimneys were a necessity for any Tekatan home as they allowed for a second floor to be built directly above the central hearth without choking on smoke. They were first used in the most popular casino/bathhouse in Arthoza, the Aratazara, but they failed to mention that they'd stolen the design from Vraichem villages they traded with. Needless to say, it was widely adopted as soon as possible.
Bambara Groundnuts were known to keep yields in soil reasonably constant. Most farmer's attributed it to the grace of the legumes; their yields would be favoured by Zara, but traders who travelled the Silt Road witnessed Murtavirans growing different crops each year. They inquired about the technique, and found that by growing groundnuts one year and Tef the next, the yields of Tef would also stay high. This was a breakthrough for Tekatan farming, stolen from the minds of the Murtavirans.
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[H] 414 Great GIFT Games [W] TF2 keys and items, CSGO keys and items

Last Update: Aug 5
I'm selling more than 4OO games for keys and items!
A lot of excellent games for only 1-2 key!


Full versions, row, without regional restrictions, giftables and tradables.
Prices are in TF2 / CS:GO Keys.


  • Team Fortress 2 Keys
  • CS:GO Keys
  • Dota 2 Keys, 1 dota key = 0.75 key
  • I can accept Team Fortress 2 items:
    • Refined Metal: 8.66 each key.
    • Salvaged Crates: #30, #40, #50, #60.
    • Strange Festive Weapons and unique Festive Weapons.
    • Promos: Bill's, Big Kill, Earbuds, B.M.O.C, Wrapped Summer Shades, Ebenezer and other.
    • Genuine and Vintage hats and misc.
    • Tools: Strange Parts, Pains, Tags.
    • Unusual: prices vary, 2-10 games for Unusual.
  • I also can accept CS:GO skins and items:
    • No more than 5 items for one game.
    • I will reject any offers if I see very cheap skins and cheap cases.
What is «.5»? This is 4.33 REF or 1 Capsule Key.




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gaming New gamer with Xbox One Xbox
worldnews Japanese forces will join this year’s joint Balikatan military exercises between the Philippines and the United States United
Music Ron Joseph, LP 1977 - Chase Your Dreams, song - silver ones, Help? Chase
funny At least 7 things are wrong with this picture. Spotted at Walmart of course Walmart
videos She Wildin': Woman Brags About Setting Her Baby Daddy Up For Jail On Facebook Live! Facebook
Showerthoughts Nintendo should let people pay for a Switch in monthly installments like Apple sells the iPhone since they're competing more with Apple than Xbox or PlayStation. Apple
Showerthoughts Nintendo should let people pay for a Switch in monthly installments like Apple sells the iPhone since they're competing more with Apple than Xbox or PlayStation. Xbox
funny I used the Dankland meme generator on Facebook with my picture and this was the result Facebook
todayilearned TIL The United States Government Has A Patent On Marijuana United
pics The ice this morning turned my dull and dreary Ford Focus into a mosaic masterpiece. Ford
todayilearned TIL in 1974 a Washington lawyer circulated a theory that 'elites' had raided all the gold from the United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox. Members of the media were given access in order refute the theory. It is the only time a member of the public has been allowed inside the vault. United
Jokes "Do you, Donald J. Trump, solemnly swear or affirm that you will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of your ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?" United
videos This Lego machine spins old dry erase markers until they are new Lego
movies Head of Sony Entertainment, Michael Lynton, to Step Down Sony
AskReddit People who never made a Facebook or Instagram account: Why? Facebook
news Supreme Court to hear Santander debt collection dispute Santander
mildlyinteresting My roommates' and my ribeye steak looks like the United States without Florida United
funny Tried to find a picture of a ram sheep but Google failed me Google
AskReddit What did you think of the Kenny Omega vs Okada match? Omega
philosophy This explains a lot about modern day society and why it's so predatory. Youtube Video Youtube
mildlyinteresting This on/off switch for the Internet, on a Delta Airlines plane I just flew on Delta
pics Impressive Walt Disney World Construction Photos from the 60's, 70's & 80's Walt Disney
AskReddit What was the longest you've spent on Youtube in one sitting? Youtube
mildlyinteresting This just happened to my girlfriends 06 Toyota 4Runner. She wondered why I was taking a picture. Oh babe you have to get on Reddit! Toyota
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How is the United States allowed to go into other countries and try to force a regime change? United
funny Nice try Microsoft Edge. Microsoft
worldnews US Senate to probe Russian 'hacking' - BBC News BBC
aww He keeps turning my Xbox off so I'll pet him. Xbox
funny What did the guy at Subway say when he made me the incorrect sandwich? Subway
science SpaceX rocket set to return to flight - BBC News BBC
gaming He keeps turning my Xbox off so I'll pet him. Xbox
Music RAMMSTEIN - AMOUR - What other songs can you find censored on Youtube that are hidden? Youtube
Showerthoughts I don't care of Apple makes its next phone waterproof or anything else. I just want the screen to not crack when I drop it. Apple
Showerthoughts Using Google Maps usually ends up with me trying to beat my estimated arrival time Google
worldnews Fort McMurray Walmart charged for selling contaminated food after wildfires Walmart
AskReddit serious why didn't ISPs block Facebook before net neutrality? Facebook
AskReddit What license would make an amazing Lego game? Lego
food Homemade Orange Chicken with rice Orange
AskReddit If you could take a picture with any person who has walked this earth and post it to Facebook who would it be? Facebook
worldnews Mexican traders debate buying Twitter and shutting it down to silence Donald Trump - President-elect has hurt the nation's currency with a series of damaging tweets - now some people have an interesting proposal Twitter
Futurology Microsoft just bought an AI startup that can outperform Facebook and Google - Maluuba brings a deep learning pioneer into the fold at Microsoft Google
Futurology Microsoft just bought an AI startup that can outperform Facebook and Google - Maluuba brings a deep learning pioneer into the fold at Microsoft Facebook
mildlyinteresting This Jeep clearly indicates if it needs help. Jeep
mildlyinteresting The logo on the Nissan Rogue my brother is renting is misspelled Nissan
todayilearned TIL that in 1953, the United States Army tested a 15 kiloton nuclear weapon in Nevada, fired out of a cannon United
mildlyinteresting My Ferrero Roche came with two stickers on one and none on the other. Roche
food Homemade Apple Cheesecake Apple
AskReddit What would be the social implications of the United States becoming increasingly biracial, to the end that racial "purity" becomes a thing of the past? United
Showerthoughts During snowy/icy conditions Google Maps should show you the least hilly roads Google
todayilearned TIL that New York is the second largest wine producer in the United States United
worldnews Mexican traders debate buying Twitter and shutting it down to silence Donald Trump. President-elect has hurt the nation's currency with a series of damaging tweets Twitter
Jokes Why did the Uber driver get fired last night? Uber
personalfinance Assistance Negotiating with AT&T for internet new customer? AT&T
worldnews Barack Obama's 2008 speech on race in United States United
todayilearned TIL Apple makes $1,997 in just a second. Apple
AskReddit Why didn't Ash ever come back for his Pigeot after the Orange League? Orange
videos 12-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide On Facebook Live Facebook
videos 12-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide On Facebook Live Facebook
todayilearned TIL the BBC ran a contest asking vacationers for pictures of French beaches prior to D-Day to help gather intelligence and determine whether the beach was suitable for an amphibious landing. BBC
worldnews Canada prepares for "radical recast" of relationship with the United States, names Chrystia Freeland, leading Russia critic banned from entry by Moscow, as foreign minister. United
books Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry Dove
worldnews Rare Trump whisky sold for £6,000 at auction - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What is the most popular food in the United States? United
pics New York Subway in pictures from 70 and 80 Subway
AskReddit What's something that only happens in The United States? United
videos Langur monkeys grieve over fake monkey - Spy in the Wild: Episode 1 Preview - BBC One BBC
mildlyinteresting My Uber passenger asked to go to Taco Bell. He ordered one of everything. And two Empenadas. Uber
funny My Uber passenger ordered one of everything at Taco Bell. Uber
personalfinance I have a rolling balance of $3,529.81 on a Wells Fargo credit card paying 18% variable APR. My credit score is 725 according to CK. They told me they couldn't lower my rate. Wells Fargo
Futurology 2018 Lexus LS 500: A luxurious 415 horsepower Lexus
movies This is the first image released by Sony pictures of the upcoming "Crash Test Dummies" live action film. I know a producer there and he claims the project will cost upwards of $30,000,000 Sony
OldSchoolCool Adolf Hitler, Ferdinand Porsche and various Nazi officials examine a model of a tractor 1938 Porsche
pics I found Waldo in Alaska with Google Maps Google
mildlyinteresting This IKEA employee's product search cheat sheet IKEA
AskReddit If Youtube existed since 100 years, what would be videos with billion views? Youtube
explainlikeimfive ELI5: why couldn't Walmart survive in South Korea? Walmart
pics Shot on my Sony Alpha A7II Sony
Music Bonnie Raitt - Under The Falling Sky Rhythm'n'Blues The Old Grey Whistle Test Show - 1976 Sky
videos Chava Flores’s 97th Birthday Google Doodles Google
AskReddit I deactivated my Facebook account. What happens now? Facebook
mildlyinteresting A stadium made of Heineken products Heineken
AskReddit Serious If you provide dead friend's 2015 obituary, why won't Twitter take down his account? Twitter
mildlyinteresting A soccer stadium made from Heineken products Heineken
gaming As seen in Walmart Monticello, Indiana Walmart
AskReddit What is that one thing, you like most about United States? United
AskReddit What is currently your favorite Youtube video? Youtube
mildlyinteresting This can of Red Bull was run over by a truck and the explosion looks like a penis. Red Bull
worldnews Trump adds even more Goldman Sachs execs to his administration Goldman Sachs
books Anyone else really not like The Bell Jar? Bell
funny How we did homework before Google www.geekyprint.com Google
food I Ate Fishball Noodles - possibly the only Michelin Bib Gourmand Stall in a University Campus In the World Michelin
AskReddit What are your thoughts on the government of the United States of America being a global terrorist organization? United
LifeProTips LPT: TD Bank and most banks will refund late payment fees if you ask -- and its an automated phone system TD
mildlyinteresting If Google ran a food stall in India, this is what it would look like Google
pics How we found our way around Manhattan before Google Maps. Google
Music Want to follow new metal? I keep track of new heavy releases on Spotify, Facebook and Shreddit x-post from /metalmetal Facebook
AskReddit How do you change your Xbox live status to online on Xbox one? Xbox
worldnews Nicole Kidman hits out at critics who branded her a ‘Trump supporter’ after BBC interview BBC
AskReddit What do you guys think of bernies 3rd lake house and Audi r8 paid for by campaign donations? Audi
news Judge: Exxon Mobil must give documents to attorney general Mobil
news Judge: Exxon Mobil must give documents to attorney general Exxon
todayilearned TIL In 1966, Walt Disney wrote "Kurt Russell" on a piece of paper as his final words. Walt Disney
videos Japanese women has TV show help her make an entire chicken out of KFC bones KFC
explainlikeimfive ELI5:Why are Twitter Lists so hated? Twitter
AskReddit Serious Travelers of Reddit who have gone traveled around a different country for many months, how did you do it? Where did you stay for a month or two at a time? Travelers
worldnews Kamiyah Mobley: 'Tears of joy' for stolen baby's family - BBC News BBC
Music DownWired - Volvo Vacation Chiptune Volvo
pics Bizznezz dad at Lego land Lego
funny Visit our page on Facebook to help! Facebook
Futurology Future Left Podcast Ep. 51: Talking 'Transhuman: The Documentary' with Ford Fischer: the Filmmaker Ford
videos Drones fly over Newport Beach CA Newport
AskReddit What actual thing makes the United States a unique and useful cog in the machine? United
pics Clark Kent went super undercover at my local Dave and busters. Kent
worldnews Mosul battle: Iraq forces 'retake' university from IS - BBC News BBC
funny Clark Kent went super undercover this time around x-post /pics Kent
funny Even Clark Kent makes a better Batman than Ben Affleck. X-post from /pics Kent
pics Even Clark Kent makes a better Batman than Ben Affleck Kent
OldSchoolCool A future President of The United States and his bride to be-1992 United
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's tiny sign McDonald's
funny I know it's early, but it's already a contender for Facebook comment of the year. Facebook
mildlyinteresting This shoe print in the sand left the Nike logo intact. Nike
videos Guy finds Porsche GT3 Race car and does other stuff Porsche
videos Started learning Sony Vegas and made my first CSGO Fragmovie Sony
funny My new medium: Facebook group chat shortcuts Facebook
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Cat and Orange Look Like an Egg Orange
AskReddit What are the "Is Pepsi okay" equivalents of other moments in life? Pepsi
Showerthoughts At ~1 minute per day, I have spent approximately 18 hours looking for my Apple remote in the past three years. Apple
pics $1,800 Gucci goat hair shoes. Wondering if Gucci makes Trump's hair... Gucci
gaming I love it when I find buddies on Youtube by quoting the same game Youtube
funny When u use his phone to call Pizza Hut and your phone starts ringing Pizza Hut
Jokes I tried having sex with an Apple product designer recently... NSFW Apple
tifu TIFU by asking my Uber driver to call 911 if I don't text her in 5 minutes. Uber
dataisbeautiful "Who is Trump" searches spike at election time. Google Trends. OC Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What's the point of auto manufacturers working with their rivals to create identical vehicles, ie: Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute, Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix? Ford
gaming If you haven't tried it out yet, Titanfall 2 is the Staff pick from Microsoft on their Xbox Page! Cross posting this from titanfall Microsoft
gaming If you haven't tried it out yet, Titanfall 2 is the Staff pick from Microsoft on their Xbox Page! Cross posting this from titanfall Xbox
videos Hey, I thought I would share my progress on using my Youtube payments to save up for a classic car! a mini! Youtube
funny Trying to Google "enamel that looks like syrup" Google
gaming To put the cost of these controllers in perspective, the equivalent cost on release would have been $135 on the Xbox One and $108 on the PS4! Xbox
personalfinance Converted Chase Amazon Visa from 3% to 5% Rewards, now the rewards only show on Amazon? Chase
AskReddit What would business have been like for 7-Eleven if 9/11 happened on 7/11? 7-Eleven
videos The SUN Last 28 Days AIA 193/304 2016-12-17 07:41:54 - 2017-01-14 02:36:53 UTC AIA
worldnews YouTuber 'Crazy Sumit', Arrested For Youtube 'Prank' Videos Youtube
AskReddit Serious Non-Americans of Reddit who have an unfavorable view of the United States and its influence, why do you feel this way? United
mildlyinteresting This Walgreens is only opened 4 hours a day. Walgreens
news New evidence: Was DB Cooper a Boeing employee? Boeing
videos Social experiment compares how Russia and the United States treat an ill man on the street United
gaming As a long time Xbox player Xbox
videos Made an urban outfit from Walmart with $15 Walmart
AskReddit From working in a Casino in Ireland, how bad is gambling problems elsewhere around the World? Casino
OldSchoolCool The Patiala Necklace - Bhupinder Singh Maharaja of Patiala, wearing the Patiala Necklace created by the House of Cartier in 1928. Cartier
funny My Apple Watch gives me this message twice a day but I just can't hold my breath that long! Apple
nottheonion National championship trophy to be displayed at Upstate Walmart stores Walmart
AskReddit serious How could Google exist with no net neutrality? Google
dataisbeautiful Amazon is worth $356B, while Walmart and 7 other big retailers combined: $298B Walmart
pics If this post gets enough upvotes, this image will show up when you search for Schicklgruber on Google Images. Google
mildlyinteresting Found an unmarked envelope in my room with a 5 year old Apple gift card inside Apple
Documentaries The Brain with David Eagleman - What Is Reality - BBC Documentary 2016 BBC
gaming One of my best mate's girlfriend's younger brother started a gaming channel on Youtube a couple months back. It would be super funny and would make his day if you could go bomb it. Youtube
mildlyinteresting Bottom half of IKEA glass broke in the midst of me taking a sip! IKEA
gaming To put the cost of these controllers in perspective, the equivalent cost on release would have been $135 on the Xbox One and $108 on the PS4! Xbox
pics I'm a server at a pub and we don't stick Budweiser products. Because of this, we can't use the word super bowl, I had to get creative. Budweiser
gaming My friend is a producer on Dead Rising 4 and got this custom Xbox One S Xbox
Futurology MaluubaThe company Microsoft just bought: Towards Artificial General Intelligence Microsoft
Jokes It's a good thing Gatorade was invented at the University of Florida and not Florida State University. Gatorade
explainlikeimfive ELI5: If a plane is flying west, does it just go up in the sky and let the earth rotate underneath it until it gets to where it needs to land? I'm not sure how that works since the earth rotates at 1,040 MPH according to Google and the cruising speed of an airplane is around 550-600 MPH. Google
listentothis Unge Ferrari - Vanilje Norwegian R&B 2015 Ferrari
personalfinance Why does Chase savings provide only 0.01% interest, while other banks such as CapitalOne and Synchrony can provide rates above 1%? Chase
Jokes Me: why'd we switch from Verizon to Time Warner? Verizon
todayilearned TIL Coca-Cola increased sales over 10% by converting "suitcase" like 12-packs to the now standard refrigerator friendly 12-packs Coca-Cola
AskReddit Lyft / Uber drivers of Reddit: what's the most efficient/cost effective way to go about getting your diver documentation medical exam and vehicle inspection? Uber
food HOMEMADE Sous vide filet mignon from Walmart with beef stroganoff sauce, brown and red rice with chia and kale and sautéed green beans. Walmart
nottheonion China's Tencent criticized for simulated oral sex show at staff event Tencent
gaming I though my Xbox live account got hacked because someone changed the names of my custom classes..Found out months later it was my drunk friend. Xbox
gaming The all new Uber Extreme Uber
movies Mark Hamill Records Donald Trump's Meryl Streep Twitter Rant as The Joker Twitter
gaming Some guy made Portal for the Apple II Apple
Showerthoughts The Daily Planet must have the worst journalists if they can't figure out that Clark Kent is Superman Kent
DIY Replaced My 32-year-old GE double wall oven GE
Showerthoughts Taco Bell commercials never say "food," just meals. Bell
gaming Battlefield 1 - Graphics comparison PC vs Xbox & PS4 Real Footage Xbox
pics Stan Lee and his 1987 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Mercedes-Benz
videos Can you use Coca-Cola as a Motor oil? Coca-Cola
mildlyinteresting Pulled up to the hospital today and noticed my doctor is also an Uber driver. Uber
news "Google Translate invented its own language to help it translate more effectively. What’s more, nobody told it to." - the mind-blowing AI announcement from Google that you probably missed. Google
videos New Apple ad for iPhone 7 AirPods Apple
videos Battlefield 1 - Graphics comparison PC vs Xbox & PS4 Real Footage Xbox
worldnews "Google Translate invented its own language to help it translate more effectively. What’s more, nobody told it to." - the mind-blowing AI announcement from Google that you probably missed. Google
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Kijani's Vegas Bowling Tour #3 - Wildfire & Texas Station The BEST TIPS to do LAS VEGAS CHEAP (in action!) - YouTube SIDEMEN BOWLING (GONE WRONG) - YouTube ASL Bowling Event Bowling at Gold Coast Bowling Center Part 3/6: I got a gutterball! Bowling Trick Shots  Dude Perfect - YouTube VI GÖR EN JLC-POLKAGRIS I GRÄNNA. - YouTube GTA 5 Online - TRAPPING PEOPLE ONLINE IN BURNING BUILDINGS ...

Wildfire Casino & Lanes. A friendly local casino and an 18-lane bowling center make for endless action. 4451 E. Sunset Road Suite #1 Henderson, NV 89014 Phone: (702) 685-2100. Visit Wildfire Casino & Lanes. Wildfire Anthem. Wildfire Anthem offers great gaming, unbeatable dining, and all of your favorite cocktails and beers in an intimate, inviting atmosphere. 2551 Anthem Village Drive ... Its bowling center caters to recreational, sport, social, beginner and professional participants. Renata s Lounge serves hearty breakfasts, appetizers, sandwiches, lunch specials and dinner entrees. The Coast Sports Book provides all the odds and state-of-the-art displays. Its casino features the latest in gaming equipment. Renata s has penny and nickle slots and video parker. The casino also ... Specialties: This rockin Las Vegas casino is a great place to split your time between gambling and bowling. Enjoy the Station Casinos Boarding Pass, which allows players to earn points redeemable at Station Casinos, Fiestas and Palms all… Gaming at Wildfire Casino & Lanes. At the Wildfire Casino & Lanes in Henderson, guests will find a sports book located in a comfy viewing lounge with 12 HD TVs, and a casino with 193 gaming machines and slots featuring Video Poker, progressives, Colossal Reels, and a variety of the latest titles.In between gaming action, be sure to get a few frames in at the 18-lane bowling center, which ... Casino . Bowling 4451 E. Sunset Road, Suite #1, Henderson, NV 89014 (702) 685-2100 Now Playing at Wildfire Lanes Bowling ... Get the Rockbot app and request the music at Wildfire Lanes Bowling! Wildfire Lanes Bowling is using Rockbot to create the best music experience at their business. preview soundtrack skip stop . Top Artists at Wildfire Lanes Bowling . MARINA. Claire Richards. Neon Trees ... From my understanding, they are really know for their bowling alley/lanes. Right across Barleys, they cater to the local crowd. A very roomy micro casino, they have at least 1 or 2 of the largest popular slot machines out there. Another great thing about wild fire, their kiosk card reader works. Sunset Station should be ashamed. YES Sunset doesnt have a very good maintenance program set up ... Comments about Wildfire Hotel & Casino and Bowling Center, good and bad, are the opinions of visitors to this website and do not reflect the feelings and opinions of Bowling2u.com. This section is the result of the immense feedback from website visitors who have felt a need to express their positive and negative experinces about a particular bowling center. No entry to this list will be posted ... Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing Wildfire Casino & Lanes. Bowling & gaming make for great times—guaranteed. (702) 685-2100 Wildfire Casino & Lanes. Local Bowling You’ll Love. A state-of-the-art scoring system, plush chaise couches, and an action-packed atmosphere make our 18-lane bowling center the perfect place for everything from Friday-night fun to serious league play. Enjoy incredible drink specials and personalized ...

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Kijani's Vegas Bowling Tour #3 - Wildfire & Texas Station

Welcome! This second channel I created for my love of bowling! CHANNEL UPDATE 9/23/20: I am retired from YouTube because I'm super busy with work. Video Schedule: New videos every Saturday, and ... ASL Club of CSN is hosting a bowling event. It will be this Saturday July 7th from 6-10pm at Wildfire Casino & Lanes. The address is 4451 E. Sunset Rd., Henderson, NV. The price is $4.50 for 2 ... Carl och Jonas tävlar mot varandra i vem som kan göra den godaste polkagrisen. Lyssna GÄRNA på veckans podd: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/... Back for a third tour of some of the beautiful bowling facilities in Las Vegas, a mini-tour this time as I only made two stops: First one was Wildfire Lanes, a small (18-lane) center in Henderson ... Bowling at Wildfire Casino & Lanes 1st Game (Part 1/2) Getting a lucky strike. And then robbed! - Duration: 9:34. Georgiesbowlerama 1,368 views. 9:34. It IS possible to visit Las Vegas for $50 a day in 2019 and we’re showing you how in this Vegas vlog! Sign up for Ebates/Rakuten and get a $20 Cash Bonus: ht... Instagram - http://instagram.com/kevinlaseanTwitter - http://twitter.com/kevinlaseanMy Other Channel - http://youtube.com/kevinlaseanSoundcloud - http://soun... SIDEMEN GO BOWLING, BUT IT GOES WRONG! #SidemenSunday SIDEMEN SHOW: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjkZIuJPz3rPW7CiiVlXoCQ5Ua1BXbUJJSIDEMEN WATER BOT... Dude Perfect teams up w/ the World's #1 Bowler: Jason Belmonte-----­ VISIT our NEW STORE! - http://dudeperfect.merchline....